Mr. John Mosgrove
PO box 21636
Louisville Ky. 40221

Educational Highlights:

Asc Elizabethtown Community College: CIS
Phi Theta Kappa, Deans List
Calculus 1, Finite Mathematics, Elem. Statistics
CS 1 & 2, C++, Asm, Java 1 &2, VB, HTML
JCTCS 2 courses shy of an assoc in Electrical Tech
(AC motor controls, NEC, Power Distrbution, etc.)

United States Marine Corps
Basic Electronics Course
Telephone Switchboard Repair Course
Non-Commisioned Officers School

St. Francis DeSales High School
Kenwood Dr. Louisville Ky.


Highlights of Work Experience:

BAE Systems
(One of the top 5 military contractors in the world)
Electrical/Mechanical Assembler
August 2012 to Februrary 2015

This position is more like an engineering technician than what is commonly considered an assembler.
Rebuilding, Assembly and Testing of electrical components, sub-assemblies, assemblies, power distribution and control systems for various ship mounted artillery for both the US Navy and other NATO foreign powers.
I primarily worked on electrical systems from blueprints and my work was always subjected to milspec inspection at several levels. I know it sounds like alot; but it was alot. I employed numerous mechanical, electrical, and electronic test equipment, (hi-pot/dielectric strength, tap&die, micrometer, caliper, multimeter, etc). Built and soldered printed circuit board assemblies to blueprint specs, (using microscope for inspection), performed heavy assembly work when needed as well. Built MANY complete wiring harnesses to mil-spec per documentation.
I converted an electronic copy of wiring diagram data, for an as yet non-production weapons system, from milspec drawings to Excel, such that circuit tracing and mechanical connections were more readily referenced; an aid to the first build of an extremely complicated wiring harness on a new product. This IMMENSELY increased our certitude that we were in fact proceeding correctly during each step of the build.
I found and documented a method for rebuilding thermal overload relays; eliminating the need to replace those that failed the recertification test I conducted, ($3000.00 each). Potentially saving $30,000 to $60,000 per year, (10 to 20 per year).
DOD soldering certification, forklift license, safety wiring, annual esd certification.

Kentucky Department of Education
November 2007 to March 2008
Data Conversion Specialist

Assisting in data conversion for the state in its implementing a new student records system for the K1-12 programs. Conversion of database, table structure, and data content for all student records for all grade school and high school students in Kentucky using Microsoft products; SQL Server, T-SQL, DTS, VBScript, and VBA in Access.
In DTS I worked primarily with tranformations, excecute sql tasks, and execute package objects with error handling. I was responsible for the DTS package(s) which provide converted districts with a single students records when a student transfers from a non updated school district to an updated one. I also solved a problem with attendance calculations which involved several levels of criteria to be examined. This in VBA in Access.

Solectron Inc.
May 2007 to November 2007
Software Developer

I was hired to implement a production floor database in a manufacturing environment both here in Louisville and then in Singapore. Louisville was nearly completed when the company was purchased by Flextronics and the future of the project became uncertain. Solectron was based in Milpitas California and Flextronics is based in Singapore.
The applications were SQL Server based with an Access front end with using ADO in VBA.

Lockheed Martin Battle Laboratory, Ft. Knox Ky.
April 2004 to May 2007.
Software Developer Asc

I worked in the data analysis section for 2 years; making extensive use of SQL and T-SQL in MS Access and SQL Server 2000. I make extensive use of VBA for automation between MSAccess, MSExcel, and MSPowerpoint. I also have worked in VBscript fairly extensively. I interact with Linux frequently and write C, Korn and Perl scripts in vi. I have a current ‘secret’ security clearance with the federal government.

G.E. Appliances Evaluation Laboratory
1994 to 1998 as a contract employee
Engineering Technician

Evaluation of washing machine for Design Engineering Dept in conformance with U. L. standards. My specific responsibilities were; Safety audit, Life testing, Component testing. Design and fabrication of test fixtures and electrical controls involving light PLC/Ladder logic, tap and die, electrical control circuits. I served with the 95’design and development team.